Kindling flames for a brighter tomorrow

Technoshala strives to promote the use of technology in the existing school ecosystem through interventions focused on developing teacher and principal capacities. It required an identity that communicated its promise to all its stakeholders.

A home for learning, enlightening all those around. The rising sun brings with it a promise of a new morning.


Whimsical, playful colours and unpretentious copy formed the core of the brand identity.


Brand Identity

Brand Extensions

Clean and honest visual approach is paramount for communicating relevance to audiences that are from diverse backgrounds. Teal, a combination of calming blue and regenerative green takes center stage in the logo motif. The richness is complimented by the light and vibrant ochre, which dutifully lights up the composition. The typography is modern, sans serif denoting ease of accessibility and friendliness. The brand identity extended itself into the key collaterals, with soft playful secondary colours bringing the playfulness of the brand to the fore. The colours ensured that the child-like innocence is retained and an unembellished, honest copy touched hearts.
Technoshala branding - brochure design
Technoshala branding - brochure design

Freedom of Expression recognises the importance of promoting and supporting social organisations and initiatives to deliver social impacts on the ground. FoE has supported Technoshala throughout its incubation journey with lots of love.